Best Brand of Workout Clothing: Klara Kelly Designs!

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The results of my “Best of” midterm project determined that I would be writing about Klara Kelly Designs as the winner of the “Best Brand of Workout Clothing” poll. Though this name may be new to some, it will soon become one you can’t forget.

Melissa Sherwood, a fitness instructor, and busy mom of two, was working for another active wear clothing line, NUX, when she finally decided to take a big risk and embark on this journey of creating her own line. When I asked her why she finally decided to leave NUX, she said, “I left NUX because I felt that I had it in me to create my own line and follow my dreams of owning my own company and controlling my own  destiny. I can’t really explain it, it was just something that I HAD to do.” The line features some pretty amazing pieces from the Nor’easter leggings, great for running outdoors in this chilly weather to the most popular piece, the headband scarf, which compared to some leading brands, truly does not move during a workout. It comes in 27 (you heard me correctly 27!) different colors. It has something for everyones style, whether you prefer solid colors, aqua and pink medallions, colorful chevrons, and a variety of colorful camo’s!

I can honestly say that I was never fond of wearing a headband when I played sports or during a workout. I could never find one that had the right fit, but now, thanks to Klara Kelly, I can’t imagine a workout without a headband scarf polishing off my look.

So, what’s in a name? Wondering how exactly Melissa came up with Klara Kelly, a catchy name with great meaning behind it, she shared that it was all thanks to her grandfather. She said, “My Grandfather, Frank Kelly was an Irish immigrant that came to America when he was 20 years old with $20 to his name. Frank was an entrepreneur himself and built a very successful roofing business. It felt right to honor my heritage with that name.”

You know that saying, “you only get out what you put in?”  it’s evident that with Melissa’s dedication and determination, there is plenty of good coming her way. With the help of her Brand Clan Mavens, Brand Ambassadors, and mentor groups, her goal of growing her retail presence from 20 to 100 new retail accounts by the end of 2015 is a goal that will easily be attained.

Her team of Brand Clan Mavens are salespeople who aside from engaging in social media to promote and gain interest in Klara Kelly products, also sell to the general public, via trunk shows and developing  retail/wholesale accounts. The Brand Ambassadors are fitness professionals who want to represent Klara Kelly products. It’s a fun and fabulous way to showcase Klara Kelly products to their clients with the hope they will in turn visit the website to purchase their own. As an Ambassador you are encouraged to utilize not only social media outlets to promote your love of Klara Kelly but theirs as well. Ambassadors also receive a complimentary headband scarf and are rewarded with discounts and future promotions.  If you are interested in becoming a Maven or Ambassador, follow the link provided:

To shop Klara Kelly products visit or like their page on Facebook and Instagram @klarakellydesigns, or Twitter @klarakelly45, for the latest products and promotional updates! 🙂


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